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About the Artist

About Artist


I am born in Sofia, capital city of Bulgaria in 1977. Since my early age I knew that my destiny is to create art. I have a master degree from the National Academy of Arts in Sofia - Fine arts. My passion to art leaded me to the world of advertising where I executed many AD campaigns for international clients. At the same time I started to develop myself as an independent contemporary artist. My art works are a colorful mix of fantastic themes, abstract geometry with surrealistic and pop art elements. My favorite technics are oil, acrylic and collage as well as graphic techniques and digital art. My conceptual projects are a real metaphor of today contemporary world, that’s why I define myself as a true researcher of modern times.


Until now I realized more than 15 solo and group exhibitions and art projects in Sofia and lots of Bulgarian cities, as well as in Germany and in London, Great Britain. Some of my most significant projects are: “A place for your Ad”, “Sport Unlimited”, “Work International” and “X Ray Journey”. I’m presenting here last two art projects.


ARTISTIC BIOGRAPHIE: 17.03-17.04.2009 “Geometry of the universal admirer” First solo exhibition Art House TRIADISS, Sofia, 7 Gerlovo Str; 21.10-21.11.2010 “A place for your AD” Solo exhibition National Art Center FORUM, Sofia, 24 Washingthon Street 10.05-22.05.2011 “The art of the Advertising” Solo exhibition 1908 Gallery, Sofia 1 Angel Kunchev Street 09.11-26.11.2011 “Love & Romance” Solo exhibition + book presentation Club 365, Sofia, 1 Shipka Str. 15.12-31.12.2011 „Cabaret” Exclusive exhibition Stephan Studio, Sofia 2 Nikolay Haytov Street 01.05-12.05.2012 “Work INTERNATIONAL” /posters & collages/ Solo exhibition 1908 Gallery, Sofia 1 Angel Kunchev Street 13.02-06.03.2013 “Sport UNLIMITED“ Solo exhibition Hilton Anima Art Gallery 1 Blvd Bulgaria, Sofia 29.06.13-30.06.13 Participation in International Festival for Contemporary Art in Kyrdjaly city 08.10–22.10.2013 “Sport UNLIMITED 2“ Solo exhibition Antrakt Gallery, 3 Str. Pirotska 05.03.-05.04.2014 “SOUL STATES” Solo exhibition Gallery Djamiya, Dupnica city 13.11.-10.12.2014 “COLLECTIONS” Solo exhibition Gallery Forum, Haskovo 21.04.-21.05.2016 “Contemporary Still lives” Solo exhibition Gallery Forum, Haskovo 21.05 -10.06.2016 “COLLECTIONS” Open air solo exhibition The Bridge behind National Palace of Culture,Sofia 03.06 – 12.06.2016 “X-Ray journey” Solo exhibition, POLY Gallery, Victoriastr. 9 Karlsruhe, GERMANY 14.10 -16.10.2016 Participation in Landmark Autumn Art Fair Landmark Art Center, Ferry Road London, United Kingdom 25.01 -06.02.2017 Participation in “Art in Mind” group exhibition The Bricklane gallery, 216 Brick Ln, London E1,United Kingdom 02.08 -21.02.2017 Solo exhibition „Field of imagination“, LiK Gallery 37 Layosh Koshut Str., Sofia


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70 X 90 cm

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